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Hack Into God ANONYMOUS;CODE Release Date: 2023

ANONYMOUS;CODE is finally revealed.

This is the latest work by STEINS;GATE creator Chiyomaru Shikura, in collaboration with returning staff from the Science Adventure Series.

The suspense that takes hold at the end of a digital society, which everyone reading this is experiencing right now...

In the world where the boundary between digital and real has disappeared, you will be one of the ANONYMOUS.

If this world is a are a mob!

STAFF Planning and Original Work: Chiyomaru Shikura  Producer: Tatsuya Matsubara  Scenario: Naotaka Hayashi / Ayano Suehiro  Character Design: Haruhisa Nakata  Art Design: Fumihiro Kitabara  Music: Takeshi Abo

This story takes place in Nakano, Tokyo, in 2037.

2037. Nakano, Tokyo. Pollon Takaoka and his best friend Cross Yumikawa make a living as a pro hackers wherever they can; wherever hasn't been affected by the "Sad Morning" disaster that occurred February 6th, 2036.

One day, Pollon declares he is going to "elope," despite the fact that he is single. However, he meets a mysterious girl called Momo in a place no one is supposed to be...

Suddenly, mysterious assailants appear and chase after Momo.

During the escape, Pollon receives the "Save & Load" app which allows him to save data and start over just like a video game. Little does he realize this is only the beginning...

The mysterious, genius hacker "Cicada 3301" who organizes a series of "Quests" that seem impossible to solve. The "Gaia Institute" that reactivated the earth simulation which was supposed to be frozen. The thugs from Vatican's "513 Holy Office," working behind the scenes...

Pollon is thrown into numerous plots as a result of his encounter with Momo, and faces a major event that shakes the world.

What truth awaits you when you use hacking, saving, and loading?

Hack the myriad branches of reality and "load" the ending that saves the world!

This is the story of the hackers who will rewrite the future.


Pollon Takaoka (Pollon)

Pollon Takaoka (Pollon) VA: Shoya Chiba

The main character of the game. Pollon helped form a two-man team named "Nakano Symphonies" that helps people in need in Nakano, Tokyo. His dream is to be a cool hero that everyone longs for. He works as a hacker just to earn a living. His hacking ability is not really the greatest, however, he is a fearless white hat hacker who sneaks into various places and gets information by playing mind games. He is 16.
Anonymous guys with a promising future who refuse to leave people in trouble behind, that is the creed of Nakano Symphonies!
Momo Aizaki (Momo)

Momo Aizaki (Momo) VA: Shiina Natsukawa

The heroine of the game. Momo met Pollon by accident, as "a girl he eloped with but was not supposed to." Someone is chasing her, and Pollon is helping her evade them. She is a mysterious girl with an unknown identity and age. She had no digital gadgets when she first met Pollon, as she isn't very familiar with them.
I'm sorry... I didn't tell you this before, but I'm telling you now! I'm being chased!
Cross Yumikawa (Cross)

Cross Yumikawa (Cross) VA: Tomokazu Sugita

Pollon's best friend and business partner in Nakano Symphonies. He is talented at gathering and analyzing information. He uses this skill to aid Pollon on jobs. He is also a skilled hacker. He is sort of like an older brother to Pollon, as he is older than him. He is 17.
The way you always get carried away is one of your good, yet bad points.





SteelBook® Launch Edition contains a SteelBook®! SteelBook® art to be revealed soon!


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