Survival Guide

Conquering Ruins

Basics of Combat

Employ a "hit-and-run" strategy by taking a step away from the enemy after attacking. Most opponents have to wind up their attacks, giving you a window of time to dodge the attack and move in for your own to defeat it while avoiding damage.
Attacks can also be dodged by sidestepping, so it's best to avoid narrow passages with dead ends. However, if you do get stuck in such a position, you can escape by opening the menu and selecting "Return to Base."


Shortcuts are found within each ruins, which can be useful when returning to these locations later. Activate them for easier points of access upon your return vists.
One such shortcut is in Mashiro Garden Tower 1F, so be sure to read the hints found at inspection points to locate it.

Upon Death

After dying, you have three choices:
① Continue on.
② Return to base.
③ Restart from the last save data.
Choose option 3 if the items dropped are too difficult to retrieve. In most cases, it's more beneficial to go with option 1 or 2 to obtain new Shigabane. When encountering a new type of enemy, proceed with as little items as possible and obtain Shigabane without being completely wiped out.

Breakable Walls

Breakable walls have certain attributes, and can be destroyed by using a weapon, ranged weapon, or Clione of the same attribute.
For example, a wall with a heat attribute can be broken with heat weapons, and a wall with a physical attribute can be broken by punching it. Try different types of attacks when encountering a breakable wall.

Managing Weight Limits

Picking up every item you see can be tempting, but carrying too many at once can render you immobile due to being over encumbered. This can be deadly when there are enemies nearby, so remember to frequently swap out items with Sub-Members.
Characters who are not in the main party can hold items without worrying about any weight limits.

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