Survival Guide

Basic Controls

Picking up Items Quickly

When pressing the ○ button while there is an item directly in front of you, the cursor will automatically move to the item. Press the ○ button again to pick up the item.


Double press a directional button to dash. Note that you cannot dash backward.

Basic Attacks

Press the □ button to perform a Basic Attack. Cursor adjustment is not required.
Characters who perform an attack will enter a cooldown, becoming unable to attack again for a set amount of time.

Charge Attacks

Hold the □ button and release it once the gauge is fully charged to perform a Charge Attack. Remember to aim for the part you wish to attack before releasing the □ button.
Charge Attacks are capable of dealing great damage, but will drain Stamina while charging. Maintaining a charged state will further reduce Stamina, so it's dangerous to walk around while holding a charge. Charging will drain Stamina even on Difficulty I, so food is a necessity even on the easiest difficulty.

Quick Charge

While charging, press and hold the □ button again while the gauge is in the pink Quick Charge Gauge area to shorten the charge time. The width of the Quick Charge Gauge will widen as bond levels increase.
Use two characters with the widest Quick Charge Gauges (by adjusting active characters) to greatly reduce the time to execute Charge Combos with all party members.

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