Survival Guide

Gear/Skills/Cooking Recommendations

Early Game Gear

"Plated Gloves"
Increases weight limit, allowing you to carry more items that will help with exploration.

"Horned Bandana"
Easy to make, and has a damage reduction effect. Aim for Goat's horns to acquire the materials necessary to craft it.

Early Game Skills

"_____ Insight"
Allows characters to use equipment proficiently without worrying about their current Growth Stage. Having Mastery in certain skills provides many benefits, so having each character specialize in certain things will be more efficient in the long run.

Early Game Cooking

Available even at Cooking LV 0.

"Goat Steak"
Can be made with Rock Salt and Goat Meat, both of which can be found at the Beach. Recovers more Stamina than Jerky.

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